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A Story Of An Answered Prayer In An Unlikely Maybe Unexpected Way

A Story Of An Answered Prayer In An Unlikely Maybe Unexpected Way

Have you ever prayed for many days, months, or even years for help during a situation, troubled season, circumstance, or praying for family or friends to find God?

Here’s a story about a prayer that got answered in an unlikely way. It was a prayer from my Mom to God about me.

When I was in Social Work, there were many trainings I was required to attend. Some gave handouts with questioners to be filled out. One of those questions I came across many times was, ” whos your hero?” Well, I always listed Jesus and my Mom.

Okay, I digress, back to the story. My Mom passed away 26 years ago. While going through her things in one of her drawers, I found zipped pouches. One of those pouches had burst at the seams and had little pieces of folded up paper spilling out.

So, I took those little folded-up papers, and the other pouches sat down and began unfolding and reading. I was feeling both taken aback and not surprised if I can combine those two feelings.

My Mom Loved Jesus with all her heart, and she was a good and faithful servant. When I began reading, I realized these were prayer requests she had written. Some of them were for my dad, family, and close friends. She was praying for them for many different situations, circumstances, and health.

As I continued reading them, I found what had to be way over a hundred prayers she had written for me mixed in with the others. Prayers such as ” Lord, please help Paula in school,” ” Jesus please protect Paula,” ” Jesus may you guide Paula’s friends,” Lord, may you please guide Paula.

Now, mind you, her prayers went clear back to my high school years. Out of all those prayers, The most I read were ” Jesus, and I pray Paula comes to you.” ” I pray Paula finds and comes to know you, ” I pray Paula follows you. There were more for me, but you get the gist here. .”

At the time, I was a lukewarm Christian. I believed in Jesus and asked him to be my Lord and Saviour. But I still didn’t ” follow” Him. I was wrapped up in worldly things and material gain. I was one of those people who had to have what others had.

I prayed every day. But, boy, oh boy, did I ever make a lot of wrong turns. Oh, I could feel Jesus tugging at me, but I ignored him.

It wasn’t until many years later that I realized I could not do life on my own because every time I tried, I failed. So I surrendered to God, stopped my nonsense, began reading his word daily, and you guessed it, I followed him. I asked him to come into my heart and proclaimed Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

Now? I can say WOW, my life has changed. I was one way, and now I’m completely different. And what happened in between was HIM.

I’m completely in Love with Jesus. And, I love my life with him. So you see, my Mom’s prayer got answered. It was after her passing on, but nonetheless. HE responded to her prayers for me. It was his timing for my turning point.

I guess my Mom’s prayers weren’t answered in an unlikely way. It had just hit me one day that her prayers for me got responded to after she passed on. Maybe I need to change, unlikely to unexpected.

My Mom and Dat at my now 24 year old daughters baptism.

Have you or someone you know ever had a prayer answered in an unlikely or unexpected way?

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13 thoughts on “A Story Of An Answered Prayer In An Unlikely Maybe Unexpected Way

  1. Paula, what a gift those prayers were to you both to read and know your mom was praying for years. May we keep praying for we never know when our prayers will be answered.

  2. Paula, what a gift God gave you the day He brought you across those pouches filled with prayers your mom prayed. And what a beautiful legacy of faith (both in waiting without seeing the answer and in praying for people and you seeing her faith lived out) she left you. God has definitely answered prayers in unlikely ways. He never conforms to how I think things will go. His ways are always higher, always better.

    1. Amen Jeanne. Thank you for your kind words. And, thank you for helping me to pause and reflect , you just made me aware that My mom did indeed leave me with a legacy of her faith. Blessings .

  3. Wow, Paula … what a treasure you found in your mom’s things! I heard or read once that prayers don’t have an expiration date, which means the prayers my own parents prayed for me and my family are still at work in heaven. That brings me such comfort and joy. Thanks for sharing this story of an unexpected answer to prayer.

  4. I found my mom’s prayer journal once and was floored by the many prayers she prayed for me and my sisters. Visiting you from the tell his story link up. Want to invite you to link up with Grace and Truth on Fridays too.

  5. Paula, thank you for sharing this story-to the mother of two prodigals, it is a lifeline of hope that God indeed does hear and WILL answer my prayers!

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