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Friends, Faith, Jesus. I'm just a disciple and messenger, blogging to share Jesus ~#BloggingForHisKingdom~

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About this site

About this site

Welcome friends, new and old alike. Greetings from Western Pennsylvania (USA). Welcome to ~Simply~ Chasing Jesus. This is the sister site to Chasing Jesus. 

So how did we end up here? Well first, “We”, is that this is Jesus’ site, I’m as the tag line on both sites says “ Just a disciple, with a message, sharing more Jesus with the world”. Without him this site or anything I do would not be possible. 

Okay, back to why we are here. Well.. Chasing Jesus was growing and so am I, we needed more options, we needed room to grow. Jesus was calling out to me again, and when he calls I go. 

So here we are, where you’ll find what he puts on my heart.

New posts, as well as updated past posts. The updates are because I liked what we were talking about, but in reading them, saw my growth over time. You’ll find things that touch my heart in some way, and maybe yours too. 

Blessings Friends… ~Paula~

You can find my sister site at 

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